Additional Dry Cabinet Options

Additional Items to configure your XDry Desiccant Dry Cabinet.


Use your cabinet more efficiently by customizing it with an appropriate number of shelves for your specific needs.

Sliding Reel Racks
Designed to accept and store your tape and reel components vertically optimizing storage space.

Organize your shelf space with removable dividers to create compartments within your cabinet.

Sliding Shelves
Easily access stored items with slide out shelves.

Stainless Steel
Customize your cabinet with an optional stainless steel enclosure.

ESD Grounding Point
A convenient ground/earth connection is available on the front of the cabinet to attached ESD grounding straps when handling sensitive devices and components

Illuminated Status Indicator
Add a multi-color light tower to deliver a visual indication of the cabinets operating condition

Audible Warning System
Users are notified via buzzing noise if humidity goes beyond a set point while the door is open.

Data Recorder
Tracks RH and temperatures for up to a six-month period.

Card Logger
Enables recording of Temp and RH levels for up to 120 days

Optional casters allow you to position, and re-position your dry cabinet based on your storage needs.

Leveling Feet
Provide a stable and level platform for your dry cabinet. (4 legs per set)

N2 Atmosphere Dry Air Purge System
Reduce the potential for moisture laden O2 by adding the capability to replace the standard atmosphere with Nitrogen